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What is the Load Stop?

The Load Stop is a 3rd Rail that runs across the Load-Lid at the cab end to make it easier for you to secure loads and reduce damage to the cab of the vehicle.
Securing your load safely is very important, and the Load Stop means that even an awkward load such as a wheelbarrow is safe due to the addition tie-down points and having a solid surface to tie against.

200kg Load Rating

Job sites and weekend missions demand high load carrying capacity so you can take all your gear with you. 
Just like the 2 Load-Lid Side Rail options, the Load Stop has a dynamic Load Rating of 200kgs.

Utemaster Load Stop Load Lid Aluminium 200kg Rating Tough Ford Ranger.jpgjpg

Protect Your Back Window

When you're pushing a load onto the lid it's easy to go a little bit too far and damage the rear window glass or paintwork on the cab.
The Load Stop gives acts as a "stopper" which you can push your load hard up against it without worrying about damaging your cab.

Utemaster Load Stop to suit Load Lid 200kg Load Rating Tough

Multiple Tie Points

If you've ever loaded gear onto a vehicle, there's always someone around that gives the load a tug and says: "She'll be right mate" which is normally an early warning sign of a risky load!
Built-in Tie-down points in the Load Stop give you flexibility and more options for securing your gear with ease, taking the element of luck out of your next adventure. 

Load Stop to suit Utemaster Load Lid Cab Guard v2

Integrates with Side Rails

The Load Stop is designed to integrate directly with the Destroyer or Cast Aluminium Side Rails on a Standard lid, and the Destroyer Side Rails on a Sports Bar lid. It completes the look of the Load-Lid and helps to enhance the style of the Ute!

Load Stop to suit Utemaster Load Lid Destroyer Side Rails 200kg rated Tough

Available in three configurations

Fitting Instructions & Dimensions

Load-Stop Dimensions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the load rating of the Load-Stop?

The Load-Stop is rated to 200kg.

Does the Load-Stop hit the rear cab window, when the Load-Lid is lifted up?

No, the Load-Stop does not make contact with the rear window. The Load-Stop is designed to protect your rear window from items sliding into it, that could cause damage.

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